Presentamos la amplificación más potente de la firma estadounidense Bob Carver, nos referimos a sus etapas monofónicas, modelo Black Beauty 305.

Desarrolla 305W a 8 Ohm por canal, utilizando como válvula de potencia seis unidades de KT120 por cada etapa, por cierto modelo últimamente empleado por numerosas compañías de renombre.

Number of Line Inputs: 1
Input impedance: 100 k ohms
Input Stage: 12AX7 current sourced low noise valve
Pre-driver Stage: 12AT7 long tailed high gain balanced pair
Automatic DC Restoration: 6AL5
Nominal Voltage Gain: 30 dB (into 8 ohms)
Output Stage Configuration: 3 complementary Sets of KT120s in a push pull configuration (6 total)
Regulated Screen Supply Voltage: 390V
Output tube plate voltage: 785V
Output Tube Idle Power: Less than 14W each
Bias Adjustment: Rear panel pot, front panel meter, «Set and Forget»
Rated Power: 305 watts into 8 ohms, 330 watts into four ohms, 290 watts into two ohms
Noise: Better than 110 dB A Weighted referenced into 305 watts
Hum: -100 dB
Frequency Response: 2 Hz to 85 kHz. (-3dB)
Full Power Bandwidth: 24 Hz to 28 kHz. Without filters
Feedback Control Switch: 20dB for Classic Amplifier Sound, 11 dB for Contemporary Amplifier Sound
Distortion: Less than 0.5%
Output Transformer: Interleaved windings, super wideband low leakage inductance design
Output Impedance: 1.6 ohms
Speaker outputs: 2, 4, and 8 ohm terminals
Built in Output Tube Tester: Yes
Construction Method: Point-to-Point hand wired axial and radial leaded components with star grounds and no circuit board traces or de-plugable connectors.
Components: High reliability wire wound and metal film resistors, Metal polyester capacitors in the audio signal paths
Weight: 43 lbs per chassis
Dimensions: 14″ deep x 12″ wide x 7.2″ tall
Color: Gloss Black with a silver fleck and brushed silver trim is standard or optional Cherry Red with Champagne colored trim.
Country of Origin: United States of America
Warranty: Chassis – 7 Years, Tubes – 1 Year

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