Presentado mundialmente en el pasado High End 2012, encontramos el plato Hartvig TT Signature.

Fabricado a mano en Dinamarca, con la intención de llevar la grabación de música en vivo a nuestra sala de escucha.


Width: 41,5 cm

Depth: 35,5 cm

Height: 24 cm

Platter weight: 14 kg

Total weight: 26 kg (without motor)

Motor: 3 kg

Base: composite material (MDF and acrylic).

Platter: aluminium (T6 series) and acrylic.

Bearing: hardened steel shaft with an aluminium-base. Precision honed bronze (best quality) shell with a ceramic ball and teflon at the top of the bearing.

Motor: brushless electronically regulated DC-charged motor.

Feet: three-point with two adjustable legs for perfect adjustment and anelastic core for perfect absorption.

Armboard: acrylic with an eccentric adjustable aluminium base.

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